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High Quality made in Germany

Quality made in Germany
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Slatted frames and sleep systems


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  • Furniture industry
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Major customers worldwide

Worldwide customer satisfaction!
We already deliver to more than 50 satisfied major clients worldwide. read more »

Made in Germany

Our priority is quality!
High quality materials and immediate processing. Our slatted frames and sleep systems are made to meet even the highest demands. When it comes to "Made in Germany" quality, we will never compromise. read more »


Partner for the furniture industry, industrial customers, wholesalers and mattress manufacturers. Hansa-Holz-Kontor produces slatted frames, fixtures for bed systems and complete sleep systems for industrial customers worldwide. With us, you will find high flexibility and reliability — for both large and small productions [more ...]

Customers identity principle

Our principle: Customer identity
We manufacture big and small productions, tailored to our customers' particular product lines. We call this principle the "Customer identity" principle. This guarantees that the products maintain our customers' consistent, distinctive models. [more ...]


Variable components
We have a selection of more than 350 different component types in 120 different designs and 110 colours available for our products. This allows us to be able to reply quickly and flexibly to enquiries for sleep systems any time. [more ...]